Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Erased)

Hello all! this is your anime blogger Jiyubei, new to the Kup o’ knuckles group. I will get right into things and start this blog off with an anime that has been all the rage this year. (This is not a spoiler article)

Erased! if you do not know about the series, you should consider seeing it as it has a very interesting and unique plot. It had mystery, cliffhangers that made you agonize for the next week over what might go wrong and of course a lot of tension.


This is the story about a young man who has the ability to go back into time. Not by his will and only a couple seconds to a few minutes back. An incident happens which he is framed for and his ability causes him to go back in time so far that he is a little boy. It is obvious that he must change or fix something in that time period to correct the present. Personally I wish this series had more than just 12 episodes. I enjoyed trying to figure out the mystery with friends although it didn’t last very long. I feel like if it had been at least 20 episodes and they teased us some more, then it would do more justice. This series started off great and the middle was even better, introducing characters that you feel for and some you are most suspicious of.


 The series did not end off with a bang like I had hoped. Do not get me wrong it was a great anime and it kept me wanting more until the very end but they could have done so much more with it and so I was left being very disappointed.They also teased a lot of couple foreshadowing and nothing ever happened which could have been a pretty good save, but no…

So in my opinion I would recommend this anime for anyone who is interested in Mystery and thriller type genre’s. Interesting and immersive characters, settings and dark themes. I wasn’t a huge fan of the art but everything else was to my tastes. I give it a 9/10 over all. So with that being said go watch the series if this seems like something you would like!

Thank you for reading!



Side note: Pay close attention to the opening credits! see if you notice anything, its amazing how much detail goes into this series!!!


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