Peach Girl News!!

Ok so I am a huuuuge fan of Peach Girl both manga and show were amazing. This anime did a good job in making me angry, happy, sad and excited in a short span of time. Anyhoo! on to the news….apparently the anime has inspired a live action film set to premiere in 2017!

Momo will be played by Mizuki Yamamoto who was also in the Live Action Black Butler.


And the character Kairi will be played by the alright looking Kei Inoo from the Japanese Idol group Hey! Say! Jump.

Kei inoo

So of course a small back story of the anime. This is about a young girl named Momo who is regarded as a sleazy/tanned girl whom a lot of her classmates hate. Her only friend Sae (I use the term “friend” loosely) is who she talks to. Momo is in love with a boy name Toji at her school and things take a nasty turn when Sae sets her paws on him as well. Just know that this series is FULL of drama! I am interested in seeing how this is portrayed live.


Thanks for reading!!!



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