Final Fantasy XV Anime Prequel.

So the new game trailer for Final Fantasy XV had been released and boy oh boy does it look awesome. But I mean I had only seen the cinematic and it is a teaser trailer with zero game play so I have yet to see what it looks like for real. Game is set to release September 30th 2016, Click below to see the  trailer!

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV the anime prequel will follow the adventures of four friends  Noctis, Gladios, Ignis and Prompto(Haha really though?).The story will take place during the game.This prequel will be 5 episodes long and will be available before the game release. Check out episode 1 below!

Along with the anime they are also releasing a feature length 3D film Titled Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, The film will star Aaron Paul as a new character named Nyx. Nyx is a Glaive and part of an elite team called Kingsglaive. Lena Headey(Also known as Queen Cersi from Game of Thrones) will voice the character Lunafreya. Sean Bean(Known for dying in anything he is cast in like Lord of the rings and Game of Thrones) will be the voice of King Regis. Check out the trailer below!


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