Spring Anime’s (Part 1) “And you thought there is never a girl online?”

Hello all!! So spring is here….(Though Canada sometimes needs a reminder what season we are in) and that means a fresh batch of new anime starting to come out. So far I had seen three new anime’s that have just started and to be honest I am not sure what to think right away, but allow me to show you what I had seen.


First anime I watched was something I would say is a guilty pleasure of mine. The anime is called “And you thought there is never a girl online?“.  It starts of the main character named Hideki who joins a guild and plays online together. Two years later the leader of their guild decide to have a real life meetup. This meet up is when he finds out that though the Guild has two other male members, in real life they are all female!

Hideki is also married in-game to one of his female members although he had been traumatized prior to meeting the guild, when he tried to get married to a cute girl and it ended up being an old man.(Lol)


The show is pretty funny and I will continue to watch it but warning it looks like it may be a Harem!

First episode rating: 3/5



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