Spring Anime’s Part 2! “Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney”

Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney!

Sadly I must admit I am still not finished the game I bought for my DS but this first episode did make me want to go back and finish it. As you can already tell Phoenix Wright is a video game meant to test the mind….find clues like a detective, gather evidence and present your case in scenarios to prove your client innocent in the court room.


So I watched the first episode and I was hoping it wouldn’t be game like…..I was wrong. Although I did not exactly enjoy the gaming perspective in the show I did like the main character. Some moments were really silly and cringe worthy but it was good to see how the case would unfold. In his first case Phoenix Wright has to defend his childhood friend who was framed for a murder!


Still the anime is quite enjoyable, not overly exciting but its it nice to see him in his own series and I will continue watching.

First episode rating: 2.5/5

Thanks for Reading!!!



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