Spring Anime’s Part 3!! “Hundred”

So! I came across another anime which is called “Hundred” (could have came up with a better name but…ok). So I wasn’t very fond of this anime cliche…once again a new student named Hayato comes to a “Slayers” Academy called “Little Garden” and he is supposed to have top scores in his exams. Slayers are supposed to protect humanity from creatures known as Savages and the only way to fight them is with the “Hundred”. This weapon enables the user to gain mecha like limbs or attachments to attack.


The first episode started kind of weak for me, even with the flashback Hayato had gotten of when he was younger. In the school he barely defends two girls who disrespected the school by accident and had gotten expelled by the school student president. She picks on Hayato and challenges him to a one on one duel in front of the student body(Of course). The student president is famed to be the strongest “Hundred” user in the school(Of course). Then it ends there and makes you wait for the second episode!


Not sure what I fully think about this anime as of now….but I will continue to watch it though and see where it goes. If you like school based anime and enjoy action and big boobs *Rolls eyes* Then you might enjoy this anime. For all I know there could be a bit of a mystery hiding in this show which I think there is, but we will see.


Enjoy!! and as always thank you for reading!




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