Kabaneri Of the Iron Fortress (A MUST WATCH!)

I walked into this anime without actually reading the synopsis and I was hooked right away. The animation is gorgeous….it reminds me of Kenshin/Attack on titan and I absolutely love it. The beginning of the episode was pretty dark and unexpected so lets dive right in from what I know so far.

Side note: Also a spring anime!

Check out the Opener below:

Apparently the world is over run with these Zombie like creatures called Kabane, which are very aggressive and can only be defeated by piercing their heart which is protected by layers of Iron. On the Island of Hinomoto, people have built stations all over to protect themselves from these creatures. Large and seemingly indestructible trains are built to transport goods throughout Japan with guards to protect the inside.

Our main character Ikoma is a lowly Train engineer who had been working on building a weapon to fight back at these Kabane. He meets a young girl named Mumei who seems weird at first (until she shuts that doubt out your mind near the end of the episode). Not long after the two meet, the station gets taken over by the monsters and Ikoma finds an opportunity to try his new weapon on them.

Though this was only first episode I think it is a must watch! The action begins almost right away and the world is easy to get sucked into. The animation is amazing! and the story gives you that exciting feel. It has been a while since an anime has really caught my attention and that I am excited to watch weekly. Please give this a watch! Keep in mind it is not for everyone!

First episode rating: 4.5/5

Check out the Trailer below!

Thanks for reading!



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