To The Musically Inclined ……Top 7

Ok so I know as anime fans we have certain Opening songs that we hear and it automatically makes us go batshit crazy lol In a good way of course. Music is just another piece of enjoyment that we receive when we watch our series and it helps when the sound track is amazing as well. I have compiled seven songs that is practically easily recognizable by the anime nerd in all of us. (Hopefully)

7. Ouran Host Club

I hear this song enough times at cons or out in the real world. Fans have been asking for a season two since I could remember and it amazes me how many people know this song without even watching the series.

6. Death Note

Who doesn’t know this song? as soon as you hear it, man does it bring back much memories….the epic writing/chips eating. The back and forth genius of Light and L.The amazing sound track for the entire series along with the thrill it manages to give you right till the end.

5. Dragon ball Z (Japanese)

Head Cha la anyone? lol this song still makes me laugh till this day. Even at conventions I never cease to see at least one group of people singing this song loudly and proudly in the streets and then going HAM on the Head Cha la parts lol. Remember….although there is a lot of DBZ fans, most do not know the Japanese version to the opening.

4.Attack on Titan

I’m sorry but not sorry…. I could not just choose one!! you can’t choose because both tracks are so epic! Every time I hear the music I feel like fighting for my country lol. The first opener was pretty much all that was needed for some of my friends to jump aboard this sad train. The detail in both openers are amazing and the songs have you belting out the notes.

3. Full Metal Alchemist

What can you say about this Master piece of an anime? The opener starts off soft and serene until the singer begins to amp it up a bit to a faster pace which fit it perfectly. You can see the characters change as the opening progresses and it entices you to find out what actually happened. For me since I was late in watching the series, the OP really got me into it and I am glad I did. Amazing song, amazing anime!

2. Gundam Seed

I KNOW I KNOWWW this wasn’t the best series….the plot and the characters were not the greatest and one of the most hated in the franchise…..BUT you cannot tell me the opening of this anime isn’t epic though! the music is amazing! I have not heard a complaint about the sound track to the series yet and though many people have complained about this anime it’self I seem to see the CD’s on shelves anyways. I am quite sure though this is a very popular song that most of us nerds know….even if the plot is somewhat forgettable, I will always remember the soundtrack to this series.

  1. Gundam Wing

OK!!!! probably not what you were expecting but! I have a reason for this number one spot. Growing up not a lot of people I knew in school watched “Anime” But will harp about the “Cartoon” Gundam wing and knew the music well. In any convention I have gone to, as soon as this track comes on the place is in crazy fan mode. So adding actual fans and people who do not really watch anime from what I had seen….for some reason everyone recognizes this song! It also brings back classic memories for some even if they did not enjoy the series.


Thanks for reading!!! stay tuned for my list of English Openers!



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