Sigh….I might be hated for this but it needs to come out!

No matter where I go or what page I am on almost everyone votes Anohana as number one SADDEST anime out there.So this will have SPOILER ALERTS in it because I just cant see what everyone is hyping over.

First off the main Character Jinta see’s his dead friend Menma who had died when they were kids….Already the sadness is not there for me because…well…SHES DEAD ALREADY! So Menma is a ghost who only Jinta can see and slowly he starts to try and figure out why she’s still on earth an not in heaven. Menma tries to get him to gather their mutual childhood friends who had split up since her death. Jinta somewhat ends up talking to all of them again and tells them that he sees Menma and she cant leave earth because she has something to complete which she has forgotten. Of course his friends think he is mad in his head because wtf…a ghost you can see? really? well anyways they are slightly convinced and decide to build a rocket to send Menma to heaven. It goes off and blows the hell up and still Menma is seen standing there(only Jinta can see her).

Jinta tells everyone that shes still around.The group feels bad and confesses that each of them only wanted to send Menma off because of their own selfish desires and that is why they believe she cannot go. Did I mention that Menma decides NOW that she will write them all notes and start knocking things over so that NOW they know her presence and see that Jinta isn’t crazy?

This could have been done all along when she was busy cooking Jinta’s food and stuff at his home, as a ghost! UGH.So finally after confessing, Menma is seen by everyone else as she is fading away to heaven.Everyone says their last good byes and she leaves.(They are all crying at this point).

I tried to compact it as  much as I can as I am not an expert reviewer but my God……I was not compelled to shed ONE tear seeing as how she was ALREADY dead. Now after some reviewing of this series…you could argue that she couldn’t be seen because the friends weren’t as close as they were towards the end of the show. Also the one thing Menma hadn’t managed to do was tell Jinta and her friends how she felt before passing on the first time and now she was able to.

So anyway….I didn’t hate this show but I didn’t like it as well.I actually thought Clannad was much Sadder…but then….again everyone has different opinions…sigh…

My saddest anime I had ever seen? was called  “Grave of fire flies.”


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