The Lost Village

To be honest I stumbled across this one randomly while looking for yet another new series to watch this spring season. This anime is supposed to be in the suspense and mystery genre and I already had a feeling it would be like that from the first 5 minutes of the show.

The Lost Village about a group of 30 young men and women who are compelled to start their lives over, turn a new leaf if you will and sign up on a bus tour to take them away from their old lives. The destination is a place called “Nanakimura Village” which may or may not even exist as people who leave in search of it never come back. The village residents are said to live a Utopian life, free from the struggles of the outside world.

Until the group actually reaches this so called village, you are slapped in the face with Mystery and some not so trusting and suspect characters. This anime definitely has potential to be good though, as of now it is on episode 5 and things are beginning to slowly get twisted and darker. The main character…..could use some work ugh….but otherwise we will just have to see how this goes! *Fingers Crossed*

Be sure to check out the series! Thank you for reading!


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