To The Musically Inclined……Top 7 (Part 2)

I have promised an English version of my anime opening pics, so with out further a do lets begin at 7.

7. Metabots

Saturday mornings were always complete when this show came on. The music gets you pumped up too!

6. Card Captors

Even some anime fans who haven’t really watched the series somehow know the lyrics to this song and it is very catchy!

5. Bayblade

Its amazing how as young kids we were fascinated by these spinning tops….(Which I find silly now) but the opening for this series is on point! fast pace and hype lyrics get me singing it till this day.


4.Sailor Moon

Nothing needs to be said…..everyone knows this song of course right?

3. Pokemon

I know your thinking why is it not number one? well as much as it is a timeless opening and everyone every where knows the song….doesn’t mean it has the best song. Though it does want to gather your friends and go on an adventure lol.

2. Dragon Ball Z

I chose this song because well….its hype….how could not want to watch this after hearing that AWESOME intro? The lyrics although not the best still gets you hyped up to watch this series and still does today.

  1. One of the best I think and catchy songs in English dub has got to be my first pick. While I enjoy all of these openings I have got to say this opening did a good job picking up slack from its predecessor. My pick is none other than. Digimon Frontier. It did not go for the simplistic lyrics but a more detailed one and not to mention the way the characters and Digimon were introduced in the intro was badass!


Keep in mind guys this list is my opinion and what I had noticed a lot of fans knew off the bat regardless if they watched the series or not. Thank you for reading!!!


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