Wow what an interesting weekend it was. The gaming expo is apparently the first time we have experienced such a thing in Canada, according to EG. From April 29-May 1st the convention ran games of all kinds for competitors and non competitors alike. Big games like Smash brothers, HearthStone, Halo, Call of Duty and Street fighter all had their respective tournaments.I went along with some of the Kup o’ Knuckles team and I realized that as an attendee, there wasn’t much to really do. I mean sure….I played a few games and got some free stuff, I even got my self a Digimon plushie! but I guess because I have been to other cons before I am used to certain things. I could tell this convention was very fun for people who had a competitors pass and everyone had a very good time, but but other than rows of indie games and arcade games that you had to pay 25cents to 50cents (LOL) to play,I wanted to enjoy a panel or two and didn’t get to do so.

20160430_185213  Team Rocket!!

I was surprised they had a cosplay competition as I did not see much cosplay really…. The ones I did end up snapping had only been a few. Now the shining moment for this convention had to be the Virtual Reality room! Standing in a line for almost two hours just to experience a bit of VR play was in some ways worth it, I wasn’t sure if I would ever experience it again so I went for it anyway. The game I played was called Fist of Fire, where you had to clench your fist to charge your fire attack and release it at an enemy. It really felt immersive! I felt like I was standing on a pillar and was scared to fall off! fun times lol.

20160430_170349 Samus and Cammy

All in all The convention was still fun and I got to see what it was all about. I would highly recommend that if your a good enough gamer to enter the tournaments and play for loot! If you are a casual attendee you still might have more fun than I did and besides you can also try the VR room as well. Considering this was the first year for something like this to hit Canada I am sure there will be much more improvements on the way.


(These kids were playing 007 on the N64! )


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