One piece!!!!! yaayy! lol It took me a bit but finally I want to give this anime its shout out.

At the beginning of this series when it used to show on YTV and I didn’t know any better….my younger bother used to watch it and I thought it looked very dumb. The animation made everyone look like Noodles and they had very wide faces and weird looking characters all the time…I did not like what I saw so I didn’t bother watching it. Now One of the things that usually gets my attention is a unique fighting style that would get me interested enough to watch. I had been told that one of the main characters was a man name Zoro who fights with three swords, with one in his mouth. I wanted to see that.So even though One Piece was maybe 200-300 episodes in at the time I began to watch it from episode one.I was hooked right away and not really for the action at first but for the sheer hilariousness of Luffy. It gradually took me to Zoro in the first few episodes and also Luffy’s background story and from there I never looked back. I had been a fan of this show for over decade now and would recommend it to everyone to see.

If you are looking for adventure,in-depth characters,tight friendships,epic and I mean EPIC fighting scenes, heart wrenching moments, complex and vast worlds,great comedy,Betrayals,Twists,dark secrets and a fun atmosphere then One piece has it all. The story is about a young pirate Named Luffy who is traveling the sea in search of the greatest treasure left behind by pirate king Gol D. Roger. But first he needs to find himself a crew and an actual ship to fulfill his wishes. During his travels he meets up with his crew members one by one, while each has an underlying problem and back story. Luffy is greatly respected by his crew mates and they prove it by following him where ever he decides to go. Luffy is not the sharpest tool in the shed and therefore the other crew members step in to compensate, but he is the strongest and has the largest price on his head as captain.
One piece literally has way too much to explain as far as the story goes because each arc has its own history or tragedy and its own plethora of characters.This series has been going on for over 15 years now and is now at episode 741 which would turn many people off but as I said to friends and interested people before…watch it at your own pace, you do not need to rush it and before you know it your caught up an waiting each week for it to come.Anyways instead of explaining each arc and getting into detail which would take me forever I will explain some of the crew mates so you get an Idea.
His dream is to one day become Pirate King and bluntly tells anyone that he will do so. Luffy has eaten a devil fruit which in this world gives you inhuman powers. The fruits are very rare and can be sold for very high prices.The fruit Luffy has eaten is called the Gomu Gomu No Mi which turned him into a rubber man.His personal treasure is his straw hat which was given to him by his Pirate Hero when he was 5 years old. Luffy is a clueless idiot sometimes and will say whatever comes to his mind even if it is very rude. He values his friends more than life itself and eats like a pig. Despite his idiocy he is not to be messed with as he will put enemies in their place.
RORONOA  ZORO (Swords man)
His dream is to become the greatest swords master in the world. After Luffy he is the strongest and dangerous member on the team.He welds three swords with one in his mouth an usually only welds two if he isn’t that serious about the fight. Zoro loves to sleep, work out and drink alcohol most everyday and has the WORST sense of direction I have ever seen. Fiercely protective of his crew and extremely loyal to Luffy. By the way he is my favorite character and most clutch member of the group!
NAMI (Navigator)
Her dream is to draw a map of the entire world. Nami is a very smart woman who uses her brains as a cat burglar and steals money from pirate ships. Formally employed to another pirate she carried out his bidding until she joined the Luffy’s crew.She has a fiery temper, is stingy about money and loves shopping, but a kind heart towards children and people in need. Her past is also a very very sad one as she is an orphaned child.Constantly arguing with Luffy about going head long into suspicious or blatantly dangerous islands she never gets her way.But just like the rest of the crew she is very loyal to Luffy and her friends.
Usopp is one of the more funny characters in the crew. Born in a simple village and allowed into the crew by Luffy, Usopp basically provided the pirate ship they sail in.He is the jack of all trades as he repairs the ship, steers the ship,makes the official flag for the crew and even makes small inventions for himself and crafted Nami her weapon. Usopp is considered the weakest in the group but only time will tell if he gets any better…..
Sanji’s dream is to find a place called All blue where all of the different seas meet, as he is a chef he wants to get cook the best fish from there.3rd strongest and most dangerous after Luffy and Zoro, Sanji does not fight with his hands but with his legs. He does not feel that a chef who uses his hands to cook delicious meals should use the same hands and fight (As said by him not me).Sanji is responsible for feeding the entire crew and takes pride in his food. He is always at war with Zoro even though they have proven to have each other’s back in emergencies. Sanji loooves women and would do anything for a beautiful lady which the other crew member’s get annoyed of.
Chopper is a cute little Reindeer who’s dream is to cure all Diseases. Chopper was a normal reindeer except for his blue noes which made him an outcast in his herd. He ate the devil fruit called the Hito Hito No Mi which caused him to become human like with an increase in intelligence. Chopper also has a sad back story and like Nami respects Luffy because he has no qualms with anyone’s past. Chopper is the ships Doctor and can also turn into many variations of himself from his little medicine inventions.Poor Chopper’s bounty is only worth 50beri (Say 50 bucks) because he is seen as the crew’s pet….although he can become very very Dangerous certain times.
NICO ROBIN(Archaeologist)
Robin is a cool headed person and is very simple with everything.She loves to read and have tea and she enjoy’s everyone’s company with out complaint. Former enemy of the crew she joins in after asking Luffy and to everyone else’s dismay. Robin at a devil fruit called the Hana Hana No Mi which gives her the ability to sprout extra limbs from where ever she wants on herself or others. Robin’s dream is to find something called the poneglyph which is an ancient artifact and could tell the truth about the history of the world.
FRANKY (Shipwright)
Franky is a cyborg and before he joins the crew is part of a group which dismantles ships. Though technically Franky’s dream is to build a ship capable of navigating all the seas and riding in it. Franky is hilarious and also very emotional. He has a good relationship with everyone in the crew and is strong in his own right.He is good at making weaponry on the ship and requires Cola to keep his strength up..
Brook as you can see is a Skeleton. He had eaten the Yomi Yomi No Mi devil fruit which practically makes him the walking undead. He is the oldest member of the crew and is the musician which was something Luffy had wanted for a long time.Brook is a huge pervert and the second swordsman in the crew.He is also funny and afraid of ghosts.
Other than the Strawhat crew I have many many many more characters that I love and enjoy and the list can go on forever. Please if you have ever wanted to try this show out give it a chance! on your own time. If not that is ok too! but I highly recommend it! I hope you enjoy it like I do!
Thanks for reading!!

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