Most Boring Anime of Spring……

And the award for the most BORING anime of spring goes tooo!…………… *Drum roll* Grimgar!

Yes that is the name of the anime people, I cannot believe I am still pushing through this show still. I think it is because I am hoping it will soon get better…soon develop and the characters would evolve. But no…. the interesting concept and colorful looking characters are for nought as they drag out scenes with music and ZERO dialog for minutes at a time. It is like the developers were too lazy to put in work! ugh….

So this series is about a group who ended up in a world called Grimgar. No one knows how they got there or remember where they are from. Each member of this group chooses a class to follow much like an MMO game like WOW (World of Warcraft). So we have a Mage,Rogue,Archer,Thief, Dark Knight, Healer and Knight. They fight much like a party does and collect loot from the enemies they kill. They live in a sort of hut because they cant afford much and they are pretty poor because they do not have much coin. The main character always comments about that kind of stuff in his opening dialogs and really that is about it. One interesting turn of events happen and I thought “Hey! things are moving along!….”  but no….goes right back to being as flat as a board.

Even when a new character comes on screen you just….don’t even care….everyone is hard to like in this whole anime and nothing seems to progress.I have yet to finish this series but if I was to rate it right now I would give it a 1/5. The 1 is for the character designs which I really like.

Please do yourselves a favor and skip this one…..Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Most Boring Anime of Spring……

  1. Grimgar is a little on the slow side and I’ll admit I can see where you are coming from. I just got caught by the atmosphere or something and once I was drawn into the characters I had to stay on board and I was glad I did. That said, I wouldn’t recommend someone else watch it without warning them ahead of time that the pace was all but stagnant.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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