Toronto Anime North 2016 Mini overview!!

Well the weekend is sadly over and the excitement has died down as the Kup O’ Knuckles group head back to reality lol. This weekend was the Anime North convention where people from all over come to play games, go to panels, meet with special guests, cosplay of course and much more. This year I must say has been a very good one, a lot of diversity among the costumes and people and a lot more plushies to choose from.(Finally).20160530_185042[1]

This year also had many good panels ranging from One piece,Critical role (D&D group online), cosplay making and bad fan fiction to name a few. They had All night Anime, Karaoke, fashion shows, Masquerade, tea parties and workshops as well. I must say the cosplays were very well done this year and it was amazing to speak to the attendees about how long it took them to put it together.


Now I had the special privilege to interview a few Cosplayers this year and we cannot wait to show you the video! Please have patience as we try to get it out in a decent time. In the mean time check out our page on Facebook, or see us on twitter,Tumblr,Google+ for articles, lets plays and our podcasts. Please comment and subscribe! that would be great! and as soon as the video is out for you lovely people we will let you know!


Thank you for reading!


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