Late E3 look…. Rawrrr!

This will be a late look at what I managed to see at the E3 conference and what really interested me personally. If your Game or something you remembered seeing is not in this article please listen to our Podcast as the guys will have a better look at things from there. So with out further ado lets get right into it!

I must say though I saw a few things that looked promising for the months ahead. I believe the first trailer I saw was the Division: Survival and though I have played games like that before I had never actually played this one. It looks really interesting and I feel like the story will be good too. Check out the trailer below if you have not already seen.


Next I saw Southpark, while I never played the games myself it looked funny as hell. Apparently it is set after the events of “The Stick of Truth” and now Cartman and friends are in superhero costumes trying to defend the world from God knows what lol. Check out the trailer Below.

This game looked soooo good! the senseless fighting and medieval/Viking style really caught my attention. The game is called “For Honor” and I for one am excited that it is coming out. The trailer was pretty good and it sounds like the main villain just wants to create war for zero reason….I am not sure but listen to the trailer and see. The game play was ok, I kinda want to see more but you know they just show you enough to peak your interest.

Watch Dogs 2 looked fabulous! almost like a GTA kinda game with a lot of hacking of any tech system imaginable. I heard that the first one wasn’t all that great but this second one seems to be much better for the fans. Check it out below.

Star trek VR has got to be the coolest thing I seen in the conference by far. The chance to play with friends and look over to see what they are doing along with controlling your side of things whether your a Captain,engineer or even Navigator. You all must work together and it honestly looks like a ton of fun. Check out the game play below.

Zelda: Breath of the wild, while it looks really nice animated wise and the environment seems highly interactive and more open world. I am not sure what the story is here. I am pretty sure it has to do with saving the princess or something but it was pretty vague. But hey! its Zelda! people will buy it anyway! I wish they kept the green outfit though but that’s just me. Check out the trailer and game play below.

Last but not least God of war looked AMAZING! I mean what is there to say? Its fracking Kratos! No idea where this story will lead us and there are of course many questions needed to be answered but for now fans are just glad that the game is coming and the premise looks great. Check out Gameplay trailer below!

Sooo that is pretty much all I seen….I had not been able to watch everything unfortunately but from these games alone it looks like a great year ahead. Thanks for reading!





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