Pokemon? Vs Digimon?

This age old question(For those who grew up with both these shows) has been a bitter battle for fans and my own friends for a long time. Which is better? they always ask me. While I watched pokemon first and enjoyed every bit of it (Up to the Johto leauge really) I mean some of us died off after they kept adding pokemon and I am quite sure there is one that looks like a damn chandelier. Anyways!

 (A blasted chandelier…..why)

(Ice cream…..yes food is a pokemon now)

It comes down to this for me….Story and character development. Pokemon to me has the same tired story line and not to mention the characters don’t change in age and never seem to mature ever. While the premise is good I feel like they are pumping out more and more pokemon without thinking about design anymore…..That being said I still enjoyed the games a lot. Growing up playing Red,Blue,Yellow,Gold,Silver,Sapphire,Pearl,Black and recently the X/Y games I do have my fair share of experiences. The games are addictive and each one up grades on what you can do in it which expands the game for fans.

Now on to Digimon. Everyone who hates this show or like it but not as much as Pokemon, tell me it is a rip off. Maybe it came after pokemon or maybe the use of “Mon” in the name….the evolutions….but I think at the end of the day, the best writing and action goes to Digimon. Not only do they have great character development and story but they have a lot of issues that we can relate to growing up. Parents high expectations, Divorce,self doubt,career choices in the future, leadership,self image,death,depression,friendship,trust and a lot more.

The evolutions were good and not awkward like made up furniture and house hold items (I am looking at you Klefki) but instead, really cool designs.Now in saying all that….I have to say the games sucked sooo bad. I had tried to play a few in hopes that it would be good or get better and well…..they did not.At the end of the day which would I say is better? I’m going to go with Digimon on this….I can go back and watch it to this day but I cannot with pokemon at all.I am tired of Ash doing the same thing over and over. I enjoy a more story driven plot, although I will have to agree with others when it comes to the games….Pokemon has it down pact.

Thanks for reading!!! Check out the new series “Digimon Tri” if you have not already seen!




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