Thoughts on Hatsune Miku Expo

At first when I found out there was going to be a Hatsune Miku concert I immediately ran to a friend of mine to go get tickets since he knows how to get lower prices. When he looked them up the concert was almost sold out, sadly we had to settle with balcony seats but it was better than nothing at all, but to both of us we were surprised that they sold out so fast and this was only mid November which made me giddy because that this is going to be full with more fans.

Fast forward to May 20 where my friend and I arrive in Toronto a bit early to go to the Sony Centre to pick up our tickets. I noticed that the merchandise table was open. I walk over and grab a sweater and a shirt but unfortunately no CD; they had sold them out shortly after just opening (I’m looking at you 3rd party sellers). So I walk back to the entrance to pick up my ticket, and after leaving for a few hours, we came back we saw that not only the packed line to go inside but also the line for the merchandise table had gone all the way to the end of Front Street and kept going down Younge Street thinking Damn, I was smart buying my merch before the concert.

When we go inside, I wasn’t sure if it was a concert or a convention because you got more merchandise booths, cosplayers, and just the general bustling of people. As I make my way up to my seat I pass a particular character that made me even more excited: it was a Japanese man with a blue bandana, Miku-themed robe and LED light sticks. That only meant one thing: there was going to be a cheer squad at the concert. I was thrilled that there was a cheer squad because this kind of thing only exists in Japan and I’ve only seen it in anime!

So when I get to my seat with my complementary glow sticks in hand the show starts with Anamanaguchi (a New York band which has been doing computerized music since 2006) and performed some of their tracks like “pop It”. Then was the main event where they performed such songs as;”The disappearance of Hatsune Miku”, “Sharing the world”, “Just Be Friends” (Luka), “remote Control” (Rin & Len) and many more that I can’t remember off the top of my head.

A few things I want to note during the concert. First was that, wow, even for holograms to a glass pane, the details for each character were on point from how the hair flows when Miku dances to when Miku and her friends walks around stage as if they are actually there despite them being holograms.

Next is that there were very little breaks or banter with Miku while they set up. Everything was set up quickly one after another, with Miku digitizing in a new outfit and jumping into a new song and very satisfying to have as much stage time as possible (because of that the concert lasted for two hours which felt AWESOME). The only time they really had to stop was to switch out the real band players with Anamanaguchi when they went out and performed in the end their very own collaborations with Miku.

Then there were the fans. “Just WOW!” That’s what I got to say about the fans. I’ve been to concerts before and I’ve seen when a concert gets too long the crowd gets tired, haha. Not these guys. There was only one intermission but that was only after Anamanaguchi finished their opener and that was the first half hour into the concert. The remaining hour and a half was full pop, bubbly music from Miku and her friends or some emotional music from Miku was playing on her piano, and that gave the crowd the energy to rock out with their glowsticks and especially to the cheer squad, to be honest they were the backbone to the audiences momentum with their co ordinated motions to the music which guided those who wanted to join. Everyone was having fun going all out bobbing their heads to the beat or diehard fans shrieking to the mere sight of their favorite Vocaloid.

After all the craziness that was the Hatsune Miku Expo was the end of the concert, which I felt fully satisfied and boarderline drained because of all the head bobbing, neon glowstick shaking, and screaming with the crowd. This concert was, for a long time, been so interactive in my perspective and from start to finish I was fully invested. If there were to be another tour next year I would totally jump in, and completely would recommend anyone to go as well.

Thanks for reading!



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