New Digimon Universe…..why…..???

Well this show looks like a joke lol. I am not impressed with the design and the digimon characters themselves. Basically this new series is called Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters. Yes….Digimon have been reduced to an App on your phone. So basically these Monsters or “AppMon” are AI’s that live between digital space and the human world, they can think and act on their own as well. Eventually an enemy called “Leviathan begins to take control of the “AppMon” by hacking the systems and taking control of the world through the net. (COUGH* Megaman NT WARRIOR COUGH*)

(looool I just had to)

Meet pink hair Eri Karan, a highschool student and part of an Idol group. Her AppMon is called Dokamon.


(Not impressed but anyways…) This is Haru Shinkai…nothing more is known other than his partner Gatchmon.


This anime will premier in Japan in October. Yes my last article I talked about how much I loved Digimon but this….looks like a disappointment. This is not even Digimon to me! its AppMon! ugh….. well there you go.Check out the trailer…



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