Top 5 Worst Anime Fathers!

We all watched an anime where I am sure you asked yourself “Why did you even have a kid?” Well I was re-watching a series today and it reminded of some of the worst Fathers out there and I am going to compile them here for you to see! Starting with the anime I was watching in the first place……

5.  Goku (DBZ)

We all love Goku…yes we do…he stands for justice and peace and he will defend you to the end. Not to mention he is extremely powerful! Sorry Goku….you made the list of one of the worst fathers I have ever seen….how are you going to just leave your kid at every given opportunity? not once have I seen this guy provide for his family. Then he had the audacity to have another son.On top of it all he chose to go train a little boy he JUST met instead of spending time with the son he created and also JUST met….Wutless!

4.Ging Freecs (Hunter X Hunter)

Boy oh boy….I had watched a good amount of this anime and one thing is for sure….this man couldn’t give a rats ass about his son Gon. Gon has been searching for his father all his little life, as that is his motivation for entering a dangerous tournament and facing many other trials along the way. I think Ging was there long enough to name the boy and leave….


3. Charles Zi Britannia (Code Geass)

Well this is easy….Charles is the father of Lelouch and Nunnally and when their mother died, Lelouch asked his father why he didn’t do anything about it, what did he get? He got banished for his insolence along with his sister to be political hostages.

2.Gendo Ikari (Evangelion)

Gendo is in so many ways one of the best examples of horrible parenting….making his son Shinji pilot a giant robot to fight not fully sure it will work or he would come back alive.No he doesnt care about any of that as long as the job is done, not to mention the lives of the other two girls Shinji’s age. When Shinji is afraid and unsure that he can do the piloting, what does his loving father say to encourage him? “GET OUT…” Yea….he couldn’t care less even if he did win battles he kinda just congratulated himself. Lol HORRIBLE!

(The Iconic pose…)

1. Shou Tucker (Full Metal Alchemist)

And last but certainly not least….this man has been number 1 for a lot of fans I know. Worst father of the year and many years to come award goes toooo! Shou Tucker. This terrible excuse for a father took his only little girl Nina and her dog and fused them together to create something called a Chimera, she will never become human again. Shou had also tried this on his wife years ago. The reason he fused his daughter to a dog and possibly kill her, was literally just to keep his Job and in the end the mutation would have to be put down…so sad and such a horrible and stupid man.

As always thanks for reading!!!


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