Anime Intro’s To Manga

If you are a long time watcher of anime then you know that some of the series are introductions to the manga. You could usually tell by the creator saying it themselves or by the horrible way it ended when you KNOW there is more to it. I have a small list of the anime I know of that continue into the manga and in no particular order.(Might contain spoilers)

Deadman Wonderland

Dead man wonderland is an interesting concept. It is about a young boy named Ganta who gets framed for a mass murder he didn’t commit. He is thrown in to a high security prison called Deadman Wonderland…..a theme park/prison for special criminals who are enrolled in death games and fights for the entertainment of the outside world. He meets a mysterious girl there and all the while trying to figure out how to prove himself innocent of his crime and to stay alive. The ending was obvious as it seemed very abrupt to me….nothing was solved and that meant to search for the manga and alas….it continued.Might I add it is an excellent manga!!


Attack On Titan

For this anime apparently they are in the works of releasing season two….which we have yet to see, so I will go ahead and add this to the list because if I wait it will be 2050 by the time its released. This awesome anime came out with a bang! most people had good things to say about the series. 100 years ago Titans appeared on earth nearly wiping out the human race, they built walls to protect themselves and lived in peace for a time until a 200-foot Titan came unexpectedly and killed many people. Enter Eren,Mikasa and Armin, three friends who vowed to enter the military and kill as many Titans as they can for revenge. The ending to the 1 season was good, the twists and betrayal was unexpected but then it just finishes…and your like…nawwww, MANGA TIME! Thank God because so many questions!!!


This little gem of an anime has got to be one of my most favorite dark themed series. This series centers around a mercenary named Guts (The manliest human everrrr!) and the leader of a band of Mercenary’s named Griffith. Guts becomes Griffiths right hand man and together along with the mercenary band called  “The Band Of Hawk” they end a 100 year old war. They are regarded as hero’s and Guts decides to leave the Band to pursue his own destiny. That doesn’t go over well for Griffith and leads to betraying Guts.The end of the series literally SCREAMS to go find the manga because it will just leave you with you mouth wide open in utter shock as it ends. Also great Manga by the way!

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi

This was a fun anime. Kinda cliche too…its about a boy named Kenichi who was a whimpy little nobody who enjoyed planting flowers. He gets bullied of course and one day decides he wants to get stronger to protect himself and the weak, so he befriends a new student named Miu who lives with Martial arts master that agree to train him. Through the series he makes alot of enemies because of his increase him power and skill. He gets better and better of course and making a sort of club of fighters who fight by his side. During the series a wider brim of unknown fighters in the shadows seem to be mentioned and though kenichi defeats “The Boss” for the series there is obviously a bigger picture behind the scenes. Even his masters acknowledge that this was only the beginning….you guessed it….intro to the wonderful manga.


Akame Ga kill

Akame ga kill! wow what an anime. Just when you thought you liked someone….they die….yea this anime is not meant for you to get attached to ANYONE, so be warned. This series is about a young man named Tatsumi who joined a group of assassins for a good cause. In this world there are weapons called “Imperial arms” and only 48 of them are made with most lost over time. The group encounters another group called the Jeagers led by the deadly Esdeath(Which is the best character by the way). The end of this series makes you realize its a prequel! and Tatsumi wasn’t the main character at all! When it all finished I knew there had to be more…soo I found the manga and its A-mazing!

Check any of these series out of your just an anime watcher or if your like me watch and read the manga!  as always thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Anime Intro’s To Manga

  1. It’s a shame that Deadman Wonderland didn’t get another season because the manga isn’t very long. Attack on Titan is cool, but I will wait for season 2 to come out as the manga’s artwork is kinda rough.


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