The Boy and the Beast

I came across this anime a couple weeks ago after seeing a clip of a small fight scene posted on Facebook. I was curious and found out it was a movie which released July 2015.This is a story about a young boy named Ren who had lost his mother and decides to flee from his legal guardians who he cannot stand. He begins to live on the street for a time and ends up noticing two strange beast like people walking through the town. He decides to follow them and ends up in a strange new world where everyone is a humanoid animal like creature.

In the Beast Kingdom the Lord appoints two successors as he wants to retire. One being a wise and strong fighter name Iozu and the less popular but strong fighter Kumatetsu. Kumatetsu decides to take Ren on as a disciple and though they argue almost everyday and seem to cant stand each other, they form a deep bond.

This anime was funny and heartwarming and had lovely animation. I loved how Ren grew up and you saw his transition to adulthood and his resolve to seek out past answers. What I also liked was that although Ren grew up without a father, Kumatetsu filled that void even if they still bickered. The fighting scenes were good and the characters were memorable, I would definitely recommend to watch.

Check out the trailer below!

Thanks for reading!!!


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