Since my friends here at Kup O’Knuckles know how to get me interested in anything….all they had to do was mention swords and beautiful animation and I was on board. This anime is GORGEOUS! not only that but the action was good, the characters were amazing and the story was interesting itself making me want to keep coming back for more. Katanagatari is a 12 episode series almost an hour each and was released once a month I believe. Lucky me when I started, it had already finished so I could watch with out having to wait monthly biting my nails.

This anime is about a man named Yasuri Shichika who is a swordsman without a sword (Yea…Boss!) anyways he is the 7th head of the Kyotouryuu school of fighting and lives with his older sister on a secluded island.He meets an intelligent strategist named Togame who is on a journey to collect 12 Deviant blades which have been crafted with Alchemy or magic of some sort. Togame requests that Shichika follow her on her quest, which he says no at first until she commands him to fall in love with her.(Weird but ok) Like I said before…the fighting is very good, the music is ominous and the twists make it most enjoyable.

If you enjoy adventure and getting deeply involved with characters, battles and pinch of romance then I recommend this anime for you. Amazing Amazing anime!

Check out the trailer below! and as always thank you for reading!



2 thoughts on “Katanagatari

  1. When I watched this anime I knew nothing about it but I fell in love with the animation and the storyline. It’s such a basic adventure tale and fetch quest and yet the characters just bring it to life and there is such a great humour used in the delivery. Thanks for sharing.

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