I have not done an old school anime in a while so I thought I would do a favorite of mine Escaflowne. Complete with Giant fighting robots,Cat girls, Knights, Magic,Draconians, Love, Betrayals and interesting twists. This anime used to show in the dead of night when I was a kid, I always loved the animation, the characters and the story which was different from what I was used to.

This series follows a young school girl named Hitomi who is part of the track and field team. One day as she was running to beat her time a large light came out of nowhere and a young man with a sword came with it along with a Dragon, which he slayed. While the light began to take the man away Hitomi was sent back along with him. She wakes up to find herself in another world and that the sky has the earth hanging over it. Hitomi and the young man named Van end up in a whirl wind of a journey together as she cannot find her way home at this time. Together they meet friends and dangerous foes who want Van dead and to capture his Robot Escaflowne. Not to mention Hitomi has the power predict the future so they are after her too.

Not everything and everyone is what they seem to be in this show and not all ill intentions are meant to cause chaos as well. Not only is the story and the subliminal messages amazing, but the characters are so well developed and there are no wasted lines and foolishness through the series.I highly recommend this anime to any and everyone, It will not disappoint by any means!

Thanks for reading!



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