Pokemon Sun & Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon has finally come out with a trailer. This trailer shows some new pokemon (ugh) and some new forms of the pokemon we know about.It also shows some of the world you will be travelling in and pokemon you can ride whether on land,sea or in the air.If I am not mistaken…pokemon can now challenge you??? (What?).The one thing that stood out to me….among other things was the brand new way of attacking!

With a mix between Power Ranger moves when introducing themselves and Dragon Ball Z….. the new attack is called Z-Power (Insert un-amused face here) where your character does a bunch of hand movements to charge up their partner into unleashing a lethal blow.All in all the trailer did look a little interesting but I am up in the air about buying it when it comes out. The Game will be released November 18th, Please check out the trailer below! Thanks for reading!


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