Lost Friendships…..

I know some of us play a lot of games. I my self love to play them when I have the time and they can range from Shooters to MMO’s,adventure and fighting. But there is always that one game or two that you play and can kill (Or just damage) your friendships for the time being. Lets take a look at some of the games that are famous for such things, I give you my top 5.

5 Bomber-Man

(I know its old)This game can have up to four players and it is literally an adrenaline rush type game if you are with the right people. I remember creating quick teams and ditching last min to kill anyone and tricking friends into spots and placing bombs to watch their faces in horror.It can get very competitive with the result of people getting salty at the end.You really cannot trust anyone while playing…its every man for themselves.

007 Golden Eye

Everyone who enjoyed games had once played this one I am sure.The multiplayer game was one of the highlights as you brought friends over to split screen on your small ass TV and challenge each other to death matches. Some times friendships would crash when your shooting your friend and he comes in with a Karate chop and manages to kill you first! OR how about the one friend who set mines ALL over the map and your not sure where to go and call him douche for it only to be blown sky high at every turn? (Something I have done lol)

(The red screen of death….was awful, death music and everything)

Mario Tennis

This can be great and bad for friendships. Great if you have a very good team member for the 2v2 tournament. Someone who you rely on and will back you up and pick a decent character. Then we have the friends that want to choose Boo and Paratroopa…………the other team groans. Because in their eyes these two characters are pretty much thieves of the game! Many times I have seen matches played with people getting angry and actually slamming the controller down when they have had enough. I have also seen partners that couldn’t get along by the end of the match….sheesh.

Mario Kart

This does not surprise me in the least…another Mario game.This game is supposed to be, at least started out as a fun and silly racing game. We enjoyed seeing our character do something different and liked the idea of getting abilities during game play and trying to dodge the dangers of the track…..until we began to get older and so did the game. Eventually people found loopholes to win, teamed up to find way to screw over the person in the lead and almost ALWAYS waited just before the finish line to send that red shell crashing into the almost winner. The Rainbow road is one of the worst tracks ever created and yet….if the track doesn’t send you to your doom be sure your friends will.

Mario Party

Ah yes….the number one friendship breaker of all time. Just don’t even bother with this game, I am almost sure someone will leave angry. This game pits friends against each other in a sly way of sugar coated mini-games. Then you rip out each others hard earned coins and stars and make deals with others to fatten your own purse and further your dominating agenda. I have never seen so many angry people after playing a game other than this one….and maybe a game of Halo. What ever you do Skip this one if you value your friends.

(They smile but its all a lie)

Notice anything about this list? Ya me too….MARIO seems to enjoy ripping us all apart and then smiles about it….but we still buy his games and eat up whatever he dishes out to us anyways…..

Thanks for reading!





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