Ranma 1/2

Oldie but goodie. Ranma 1/2 is an anime where you need to accept certain things….like gender bending.If you can pass that then there really is no problem, this series is hilarious and full of action and some character development.

So this series is about a 16 year old boy named Ranma Saotome a martial artist who has traveled all over with his father Genma training. His father intends him to wed one of the daughters of an old and close friend named Soun Tendo. They show up at the Tendo residence and the daughters are shocked to see that Genma has brought a girl with him instead of a boy. Soun continues to introduce his daughters only for the two oldest to suggest the youngest daughter Akane get married as she is a tomboy. Akane refuses and asks if the girl would like to take a bath(because its normal to bath together in Japan I guess)

When Akane arrives in the hot bathroom she notices a naked boy in there and flips out. Ranma was born a man but once he is splashed with cold water he changes into a girl and the only way to reverse it is to douse him with hot water.So then starts the story of the forced engagement of the two and the funny encounters and adventures they have together.

During the series poor Ranma ends up getting two more Fiancee’s and a batshit crazy girl, much to Akane’s disappointment but usually not his fault as the girls fall for him easily.This is one of those anime’s that will leave you feeling unfulfilled at the end BUT! I do recommend it! for an old show it is a gem.Prepare for laughs and colorful unforgettable characters!

Thanks for reading.



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