Nonsensical Anime

I have come across many questionable anime over the past years and I thought I would give them a shout out. It will be in no particular order just some weird and random anime I had found and watched and got nothing from but laughs or confusion. lol

Fooly Cooly

This was the first anime I had watch that made me go “what did I just watch?” The first episode starts off crazy as the main character a boy named Naota gets run over by a girl on a scooter and then she performs CPR on him only to bash him on the head with a base guitar. The blow to his head created a portal where mecha’s come out of his head. Yes this is all real….so Naota finds out the girl named Haruko is actually an alien cop and is searching for someone called the Pirate King. Naota is swept up between battles and such throughout the series.

Excel Saga

In no way does this anime make sense. Well maybe a little….Two girls Excel and Hyatt(A girl who coughs blood randomly) are members of an organization called “Across.” Lead by Il Palazzo, they want to take over the world by first starting with the city they live in.Well thats it…thats the plot….the rest is so random I cant even begin to explain. The girls own a dog who they keep just so they can eat him if they one day run out of food….what? anyways although this show is super random…they do a lot of parodies of other genre’s in it and it is pretty funny.

Bobobo-bo bo-bobo

Sigh… the world is in ruin thanks to the evil Maruhage Empire and the leader Tsuru Tsurulina who goes around with his band of minions called the Hair hunt troop. They go around and take innocent people’s hair leaving them bald. The rebel Bobo-bo bo-bobo stands up to evil by fighting them off with his (Fist of the Nose hair) power. Yea….he fights with his nose hairs… a lot of gags,puns and breaking of the fourth wall. Who knows this might be for you..

Panty And Stocking

Out of my list this is a favorite of mine.Though it is still pretty weird. Two sisters Panty and Stocking(yes it is their names) who are angels were banned from heaven and sent to Daten City (A place between Heaven and hell) which is tainted by evil spirits known as ghosts. The girls end up staying with a reverend named Garterbelt who gives them the task of exterminating these ghosts in order to earn Heaven coins which will buy their way back  home.The sisters have the ability to use their lingerie items and turn them into weapons…(Yes…panties turn into guns and stockings into swords.They do this by transforming magical girl style on stripper poles…………(Yeah…)The problem is Panty would like to make love to at least 100  men and stocking would like to eat sweets all day. During this short series there is a lot of randomness and things that make no sense but it is also hilarious and even they even have a music video!

So if your looking for an anime in which you can turn your brain off then these are for you! lol. Thanks for reading!!!


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