My Top 3 DC Rebirth Comics Out Right Now


What’s that?? It’s bird, no a plane…..Its the top 3 DC rebirth comics that I have been enjoying.and trust there are a few. Yes I know that I could be jumping the gun on this but I had to do it lol..So let’s get started shall we??

So to start this fun list I have The Flash speeding his way into the number 3 .

Image result for the flash august heart

The Flash has slowly made me a fan because when I got into the New 52 I didn’t give him a chance. His rebirth series started a bit slow with the speed force storm hitting Central city and turning normal people into speedsters. I was not a big fan of it to start with, there being so many people able to run very fast and Barry training them to control there power but one cool thing came from it and it was his friend August.

I was really digging the look and the change of pace from the partner always being Wally west because lets face it, Wally don’t need to be in a flash comic and he doing fine in his team The Titans. Not saying that the character is complete gone our anything they are building a whole new one so we have to see where that goes. aside from that without giving too much away the flash has a new bad ass villain and his name is Godspeed. I highly recommend to whoever wants to get into a comic book this is a good one.


Sneaking his way in from the underworld that Batman is trying bring to Justice is Red Hood and The Outlaws in my number 2 slot.

Image result for red hood and the outlaws rebirth cover issue 2(this cover kills me)

I have always been a big fan of Jason Todd as the Red Hood and his New 52 series that featured his old teammates Starfire and Arsenal. As you can see by the cover he has a new teammate in Artemis and she is one bad chick that is also an Amazon like Wonder Woman. I love the art a lot in this series so far and sadly we only have 2 issues so far. The story starts really strong with this one and man I’m telling you it’s such a fun read. He starts by shooting the mayor of Gotham and fending off The Batman who tried to stop him but it was all a plan Jason had from the start to save the mayor from some kind of bio hacking attack (weird, but meh I’ll roll with it). Batman talks to Jason one on one and asks him about his plan him about his plan and why he never went to him. Jason wants to stop crime from within so made it seem like he was a very dangerous assassin by making it look like he was out to kill the mayor. Batman tells him that his plan is reckless, but lets him do it and should Jason kill anyone during his mission Batman will pull the plug and bring him in.

Image result for black mask rebirth

The bad guy picked for this one was a good pick and kind of not to my surprise it is The Black Mask

and this guy has one of the most deadly crime syndicates in Gotham. So give this a read if you like the Robin the fell from grace and became the red hood if you are looking for good action, art and story telling.



Finally my top fav going right now would be Detective Comics Rebirth in number one.

I love this cover, man. I mean look at this team lol. You have Batman and Batwoman leading them with Red Robin Tim drake, Orphan (in all black), Spoiler (in purple) and good ol’ Clayface.

So far in this series Batman and his new team face off with army of dudes trained to be Batman with Batwoman’s father being the leader of this group of who is hunting the league of shadows. Batman says there nothing more then a myth but i feel that’s only going to back to hunt him. This is my favorite series going and if I where you I would go read this rebirth issues.

With that being said thanks for reading and I will have another.

-Mr. J


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