Nintendo Switch, the Best Mixup This Year By Nintendo?!

Nintendo is very good with holding their final cards until the last moment, which is NOW.

At first glance, this “Nintendo Switch” console seems very silly. Comical even. But when you start looking into how they showed off this console, there’s a reason to this madness.

For starters just look at the people in the video itself, they’re all young adults. That’s who Nintendo is aiming to bring back into their core audience, including the more competitive players as well. With a large amount of gamers consisting of young adults, why not? Bigger audience = higher chance to spend = more success? Hard to say, but at the very least it’s a positive outlook to the future of this new console.

Nintendo always has a knack of creating very high quality games. While there were some bad console exclusives *cough* Sonic Boom *cough*, there was one that permanently stained the WiiU: Splatoon. At the time, Splatoon emerged from nowhere. But it just splattered itself into stardom. It’s so popular that there were even concerts in Japan with Callie and Marie (Squid newscasters from Splatoon). Nintendo has proven time and time again that they ARE capable of making great games, and it’s only a matter of time.

We mustn’t forget that with any console, there will always be flaws. Firstly, watching how those people freely attach and remove the Nintendo Switch from it’s dock there COULD be connecting and resyncing issues with the controller to the console, and from the console to the monitor. Secondly, the games are on cartridges. Yes, that’s not really an issue, but what about the backwards compatibility? I’m sure there are many of us who proudly own a WiiU are wondering how (if at all) it will work. Thinking back to the starting days of emulation of Wii games on the WiiU, headaches were all that was prominent.

And what matters HEAVILY for the release of a new console, is that early adoption phase. It’s not the death of a console if early results look poor, but it does affect how many developers look towards creating a game on a platform. Typically for a console to thrive in the gaming world today, there would be a large amount of Third Party Titles on the system. The WiiU hasn’t been the most attractive console to develop for, mainly due to the amount of sold units worldwide. With this past approach in mind, it’s hard to say whether Nintendo will change their approach to compensate.

All things considered, would this Nintendo Switch be the true push for the #1 spot of the big 3? It’s looking like a great step forward to that direction. But given how Microsoft and Sony react to big things, expect major changes to the gaming landscape. Give it 2 years after release, and Nintendo is sure to be switching gears unexpectedly.

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