The Bold The Weird and the Foolish

In my many years of watching anime I sometimes take the advice of my friends to see what they are interested in. I get recommendations and of course I dive right in to the anime that I usually don’t think I would bat an eye at. Lets take a look at some of the ones I ended up watching due to my friends…..then ask myself why.


DMC(aka: Detroit Metal City)

I have never seen such a bold and crazy anime like this one. This anime is about a young boy named Negishi who dreams of being a pop song singer….his songs are cheesy and no one likes him while he is out there singing in the streets. However Negishi has another persona named Krauser who is  lead singer and guitarist in a death metal band called Detroit Metal City and is growing popular. This persona has many rumors surrounding him like killing his parents and wielding his dingaling in public places. The fans love this and are encouraged to practically do the same thing. Nigishi’s Manager is a foul mouthed and mean Manager who never lets him escape his duties to his band knowing he has talent and poor Negishi is stuck trying to make his pop dreams come true while dealing with his evil persona…..No literally check out the opener of this anime….it is as weird as they come and its not even the half of it.



The Weird

Cat Soup:

This anime is beyond weird really….No words just images and sounds that are similar to the adults in charlie brown.From what I gather in this animated short….a young female cat is sick and her brother who was playing in the bath ends up drowning. Though he is revived his sister dies, he sees a soul reaper that has taken his sister and follows them to take her back. They fight over her ripping her in two. The brother runs away with one half of her and the soul reaper gives him a clue in form of a flower to get her back to normal. Now the brother and his brain dead sister go on a trippy adventure where people die and un-explainable creepy things happen along the way.

The Foolish!


Golden boy: While it was pretty funny….the character is a huge idiot! smart….but still an idiot. Golden boy is about a man name Kintaro who is thrust into different situations involving beautiful young women who at first seem to cannot stand him. He comes off as a pervert and very clumsy although he ends up standing up to any challenge given to him. His facial expressions and situations he gets himself into makes you wonder why the hell he does what he does…but he answers that too. “To pursue knowledge.” Between him learning to swim and programming a computer, there are alot of laughs but also a lot of uncomfortable moment….but it is Japan, Is it a surprise?


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