Happy Halloween!!

Its that time of year when kids go out trick or treating and people cover their homes with spooky decor. Anime has also done a good job in being a tad bit freaky with horror shows,  but I am here shed some light on a few creepy Anime Openers. Some are scary, some are just down right disturbing. Without no further a do! lets begin…..

Another: Creepy much! Dolls moving…empty elevators…

Paranoia Agent: Will always hold a place in my “Disturbing” anime opener list. Why are they all laughing in places of complete destruction an turmoil? Something isn’t right…



Corpse party: Creepy at first then light heart….then again creepy as hell! weird opener…I suggest to watch if you want to see some crazy ish!


Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: I mean…little girls…flowers….BLOOD? this opening is disturbing but if you want to see something freaky this Halloween…I suggest a watch.


Aku No Hana: SCARY AS HELL……this song or whatever they say it is…creeps me out. Just give it a listen…The Devil is at work here….


As always thank you for reading! Happy Halloween! stay safe!


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