Catching Up with Life is Strange

I have never seen time traveling done well, and I typically don’t play point-and-click adventure games. So when my friend picked out Life is Strange for me to play, to say the least, I wasn’t too thrilled despite receiving multiple praises from Steam, GameSpot and IGN. I don’t really know what compelled me to pick it up, but am I ever glad that I did.


I had never even heard of DontNod before but they took me on a heart wrenching tale of friendship (or love), betrayal, mystery, bullying and morals. While some criticize the “teen-speak” and the plot holes in the storyline, I find it them to be quite charming. You play as Maxine Caulfield (prefers to be called Max): an art student that goes to Blackwell Academy and is probably one of the most accurate representations of a nerdy girl in a game I have seen to date. After getting humiliated by one of the school’s bully she goes into the washroom and witnesses the murder of her childhood best friend and the other school bully. In response, she gains the experience from the kill unlock a new ability and it revealed she can rewind time back a couple of seconds and, naturally, she saves her childhood friend. All of this is just in the first episode of five. Along the journey your morals, sense of justice and reflexes will be tested.




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