Grave of Fireflies

Oh boy….well what can I say about this movie? Its an emotional train wreck for your soul. Even in the bleakest situations your always wishing that good would come their way. In this movie you get to see what the world was like at the time in Japan. This story is dark and Miserable and very sad and leaves you feeling bad about it all.

The story is set in 1945 during the last few months of world war 2. A boy named Seita and his young sister Setsuko are left to finish gathering supplies and securing there belongings at home by themselves while their mother who has an Illness could flee to a bomb shelter and they would follow afterward. Of course tragedy hits and the siblings are left to fend for themselves. Trying to live with relatives, live on their own,Starving,stealing and just trying to live through the war.The end was not what I was expecting….It was honestly a shock to the system…. just very sad and emotional.

What I did like about it was the bond of the sister and brother. He would do anything for her to keep her safe and fed.The sister trusted him totally and also was optimistic about their situation some of the time. Seita carried around a tin can which held some fruit drops in it, but it held a symbolic meaning throughout the movie and finally at the end.Like I said its a sad movie, pretty gritty and miserable but it was a good watch if you can stomach what others had to go through at that time.

Again not everyone’s taste but I hope you can check it out as it is very underrated.


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