Death Note and…..Netflix???

Yes…yes….Old but gold series. Death note is one of those anime’s where the first time seeing it gives you an edge of your seat feel and a binge urge. What with all the twists and turns, engaging characters and story line…it was bound to do that to me at least.

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Death note is about a young man named Yagami Light who is a high achieving high school student. One day he comes across a notebook on the ground and takes it home. He reading the first page which says: “whose ever name is written in this book will die.” He decides to experiment with the book and it all goes downhill from there. Light gains a rival named “L” who is also a genius who is trying to catch him during his escapade. Of course they have no clue of the identity of each other, but the cat and mouse game is brilliant.

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If you haven’t already…go and watch it…it really is an amazing anime. With that said…Netflix has announced couple months ago they would be having a Netflix series. Not sure how this will pan out, but I am willing to give it a try seeing as how it has room to flesh out its characters and take its time with the story…unlike the Japanese movie. From the trailer does make it look like it may be a little different from the anime but we will see.It premiers on August 25th, check out the trailer below! Thanks for reading!


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