Lobby Warz – Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator vol.1

Back From the ashes of Accent Core Tyrant and Zex embark on playing Guilty Gear Revelator with there classic rivalry Sol Vs Ky. This is only the first half so please comment like and sub.


The “We Watched Your Name Because We’re Weebs” SPOILERCAST

Source: The “We Watched You Name Because We’re Weebs” SPOILERCAST

Ever heard of the movie Your Name? You probably haven’t since it wasn’t even good enough to stand against Disney’s Moana. Clint and Don biasedly talk about the latest movie that has Asia and other anime fans going nuts!

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Catching up with Fez

Fez is a puzzle platformer where the player experiences the adventures of a character named Gomez, a 2-dimensional creature as he embarks on a journey to explore other dimensions. Available on PC on steam, Xbox live and PlayStation, Fez allows you to explore a beautiful world with detailed pixel art and amazing ambient music. It is also filled with challenging but rewarding puzzles that will leave you satisfied. To fully complete the game the player must learn a language specific to the game. Although not as action packed as other games and with its rather short story, it does however stand out above other adventure games.



Tales of Zestiria (the X) – Game vs. Anime Impressions

The Tales of… series is a longstanding franchise since the Super Famicom (Tales of Phantasia first released in 1995 in Japan). Throughout the lifetime of this franchise, many of its game titles have been adapted to other forms of media: audio dramas, TV anime, books or manga. Tales of Zestiria is no exception. And now that the final episode of the anime has released I can finally form a solid opinion on my stances between the two. I can firmly say that the anime provided a better experience than the game.

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Catching Up With Time Hallow

Time Hallow is an adventure visual novel where the player plays as Ethan Kairos, an average stereotypical teenager who enjoys hanging out with his friends. His life however goes into a drastic change when his parents mysteriously disappear and people around him started to die. Ethan recognizes that these events may have been connected to a girl in his class as well as a pen that could alter the past.

The game provides an interesting and unique storyline and allows the player to have some choices. However, these choices are often insignificant and very linear. The story itself can get very convoluted as the story folds in on itself at the end and creates a clique paradox. As such the game is mediocre at best: 6/10.