My Hero Academia

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Ok although this is the type of anime that in the beginning I kind of knew where it was going…I didn’t think it would have captured my attention the way it did. The full story is yet to be seen but its the characters that really shine in this anime. The different powers that they each hold is pretty creative.

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This anime is set in a world where most of the population have something called “Quirks” each one is unique to the person. As such, some people choose professions using these unique powers to protect ordinary citizens from evil. “Quirks’ can range from fire powers to levitation powers. There also happens to be a school specially made to train individuals to become hero’s and this is where the story begins.

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Young Midoriya is a boy who is born without a “Quirk” and constantly dreams of becoming a hero regardless. One day he meets his ultimate Hero (All Might) and he decides to give his powers to Midoriya as his successor. This leads to Midoriya attending school. Of course there is more to the story and he doesn’t become bad-ass at once. But this anime definitely deserves a look see. Like I said the characters in this show is where this shines. There is true rivalry among friends when needed and teamwork when needed. It has its funny moments and serious moments as well. All in all a very creative show and a lot of fun. Go see for yourself!

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Death Note and…..Netflix???

Yes…yes….Old but gold series. Death note is one of those anime’s where the first time seeing it gives you an edge of your seat feel and a binge urge. What with all the twists and turns, engaging characters and story line…it was bound to do that to me at least.

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Death note is about a young man named Yagami Light who is a high achieving high school student. One day he comes across a notebook on the ground and takes it home. He reading the first page which says: “whose ever name is written in this book will die.” He decides to experiment with the book and it all goes downhill from there. Light gains a rival named “L” who is also a genius who is trying to catch him during his escapade. Of course they have no clue of the identity of each other, but the cat and mouse game is brilliant.

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If you haven’t already…go and watch it…it really is an amazing anime. With that said…Netflix has announced couple months ago they would be having a Netflix series. Not sure how this will pan out, but I am willing to give it a try seeing as how it has room to flesh out its characters and take its time with the story…unlike the Japanese movie. From the trailer does make it look like it may be a little different from the anime but we will see.It premiers on August 25th, check out the trailer below! Thanks for reading!

Aishiteruze Baby!

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One of the cutest,overly sweetest anime I have ever seen. Ever since becoming a parent this year, I have been noticing a lot of the kinds of ways anime parents raise their children. Whether its leaving them in the house while going away on business, being over protective, abusive,teaching them the walks of life or doing nothing but being full of themselves.I now take more notice than before.

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This anime however is a little different. It is about a young teen named Kippei who is the ultimate flirt and does so when any girl he sees without thinking about how they feel after. One day his aunt abandons her 5 year old little girl named Yuzuyu and Kippei’s family gives him the task of looking after her. His world turns completely around as he flirts less and is very involved with ¬†Yuzuyu in her homework and picking her up after school and protecting her.

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During this whole process Kippei ends up being close to a quiet and pretty girl at school named Kokoro who (Lives alone at like 15) helps him with Yuzuyu and allows Kippei to help her with her own battles. Together Kippei and Yuzuyu become very close which strengthens her emotions for when her mother decides to come back.

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This anime was funny and cute and very sad at moments.But all in all a great series. Thanks for reading!

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Grave of Fireflies

Oh boy….well what can I say about this movie? Its an emotional train wreck for your soul. Even in the bleakest situations your always wishing that good would come their way. In this movie you get to see what the world was like at the time in Japan. This story is dark and Miserable and very sad and leaves you feeling bad about it all.

The story is set in 1945 during the last few months of world war 2. A boy named Seita and his young sister Setsuko are left to finish gathering supplies and securing there belongings at home by themselves while their mother who has an Illness could flee to a bomb shelter and they would follow afterward. Of course tragedy hits and the siblings are left to fend for themselves. Trying to live with relatives, live on their own,Starving,stealing and just trying to live through the war.The end was not what I was expecting….It was honestly a shock to the system…. just very sad and emotional.

What I did like about it was the bond of the sister and brother. He would do anything for her to keep her safe and fed.The sister trusted him totally and also was optimistic about their situation some of the time. Seita carried around a tin can which held some fruit drops in it, but it held a symbolic meaning throughout the movie and finally at the end.Like I said its a sad movie, pretty gritty and miserable but it was a good watch if you can stomach what others had to go through at that time.

Again not everyone’s taste but I hope you can check it out as it is very underrated.

The Secret World Of Arrietty

The secret world of Arrietty came out the summer of 2010 which honestly felt like yesterday for me. This movie was beautiful in every way! just the simplistic story and lovely characters and stunning animation. The movie is based off of the children’s book “The Borrowers” by Author Mary Norton. The book is about a family of small people who live in the in the walls and floors of a home and borrowing items from humans to survive.

Now in the movie its almost the same thing. The story is about a young girl who is a borrower who is excited to go out on her first borrowing mission with her father at night. Of course a small person lives in secret so they have to be careful not to be seen…..which of course ends up being the problem as Arriety is seen by a young boy who had come to stay in the house over the summer. Slowly the two begin seeing each other as the young boy gradually gains her trust. The ending just kind of leaves you to your imagination…which frustrates me because I like closure but I suppose not every movie can give us a gift wrapped ending. Just enjoy it for what it is and immerse yourself in a different point of view of looking at the world from a small persons perspective.
I recommend anyone to watch it! hope you enjoy it like I did!

Full Metal Alchemist Live Action(Update)

Well I distinctively remember my disapproval of the announced Full Metal Live action film. I am back here to give you an update! They have finally released a trailer for the movie and it actually looks pretty good! Now I have been disappointed in the past…(Looking at you Dragon ball z) but I am willing to give this one a chance. I cannot read Japanese but we do know it will be coming out sometime next year! Check out the Trailer! let me know what you think!


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Happy Halloween!!

Its that time of year when kids go out trick or treating and people cover their homes with spooky decor. Anime has also done a good job in being a tad bit freaky with horror shows, ¬†but I am here shed some light on a few creepy Anime Openers. Some are scary, some are just down right disturbing. Without no further a do! lets begin…..

Another: Creepy much! Dolls moving…empty elevators…

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